Stella is our English Bulldog puppy. At the moment she is about 4 months old and is just about the cutest dog that most people have ever seen. Since we had never had a dog before we knew that we has a lot of learning to do and that bulldogs have their own set of issues.

We couldn’t have done it without support.

Help we received from the breeder:
-Call at 11pm when dog is throwing up
-Taking care of the “cherry eye” for free
-Boarding Stella when we go out of town
-Resource via email for all the questions we have
-Checks in periodically to see how Stella is doing

Sure, we paid a good amount of money for Stella but we never expected the high quality of support that we would receive from the breeder. What I see when I add it all up, is that she cares about Stella and wants the best for her. That’s not difficult to do with a super-cute puppy but I think there still is a lesson to be learned.

In a generic fashion, I would say that it’s important for the product to be happy and healthy. Is it unhindered by bugs and glitches to achieve in life what it was meant to by its creator and are new owners provided with enough information to keep it healthy?

If this is the case then everyone is happy.